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About QUADS Co-ordination

QUADS Co-ordination will play a pivotal role in fostering communication and understanding between the ESRC Qualitative Demonstrator Scheme (QUADS) projects. It aims to facilitate communication of the Scheme’s efforts to the broader spectrum of qualitative researchers, while appreciating that there exist various communities of practice with different data needs and methodological approaches to sharing and secondary analysis of qualitative research and data. Fruitful collaboration can be achieved through guided discourse, used to inform and help guide the progress of QUADS demonstrators, and to encourage the broader acceptance and take up of data sharing and re-use.

The service will facilitate promotion and publicity via a web site, printed materials, a discussion list for information communication and exchange, and by hosting forums to engage projects in debate, sharing developments and to show working demonstrators. It will engage with stakeholders and give presentations at key events and encourage publication and dissemination of project findings.

Web page address: http://quads.esds.ac.uk/about/quads.asp
6 December 2019