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extending the reach and impact of qualitative data
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QUADS. is the ESRC Qualitative Archiving and Data Sharing Scheme.

This web site, hosted by ESDS Qualidata in its co-ordination role, contains details on the scheme and the five projects that were awarded funding as part of the scheme.

The objectives of the Scheme are to:

  • develop new models of qualitative research archiving and data sharing which tackle in innovative ways the epistemological, ethical, metohological and practical challenges raised by the re-use and re-analysis of qualitative material.
  • explore ways of improving the quality of contextual information, which complement the ESDS Qualidata approach
  • encourage researchers to explore the use of stored and shared video, visual and audio datasets
  • promote understanding of the potential benefits and challenges of information and communications and e-science technologies
  • explore and extend the relationship between qualitative data producers, users, and re-users and to demonstrate innovative and effective practice in these domains

Web page address: http://quads.esds.ac.uk/index.asp
6 December 2019